(can download full instructions here, same as below)

New Vendor Login and Banking Setup:

  1. You will receive an email, notifying you that your Vendor Profile has been set up.  Below is a screenshot sample of the email you will receive. 

  2. Click the link provided to log in to your Management Portal, which will take you to the login url .




  1. Below is the login url, you will use this url every time you log in to the Portal.  Use the email you provided during the setup process.  

  2. Your temporary password will be provided to you by your Account Manager.




  1. The first time you log in, you will be asked to reset your Temporary Password to one that you create.





  1. When you reset your password, you will receive an email notification that your password has been reset.



  1. Congratulations, you have now logged into your Vendor Dashboard.

  2. Next to ‘Manage Manager’, click the Drop Down tab to select your Vendor ID.



  1. Once you select your Vendor Name/ ID from the list (if you only have one Vendor Line, you will only see one Name listed)

  2. Click on Vendor Functions on the left side to expand the Drop Down tab.



  1. Click Edit Vendor Profile.



  1. The First Tab you will see is Company Information, please check for accuracy of the information, If you need to make a change, make sure you click ‘Save’ Button after you complete the changes.

  2. Click the Contact Tab.




  1. This Tab is for your Contact Information, please validate the information's accuracy and if changes are required, please remember to click ‘Save’ after the changes are complete.

  2. Also, if you want multiple email addresses to receive New Order Alerts you can add them here.  Separate each additional email by comma.  Example:,, etc.




  1. The Final Tab you should be concerned with at this time is the Bank Account Tab. The Create Account Button will redirect you to Western Unions Sign up Process.

  2. Click Create Account.


  1. Follow the instructions to enter your banking Information for payment from our system.

  2. Once you have finished this 6 Step process, your banking is automatically tied to your Vendor Profile in our system.  If you need to make Changes to your Western Union Account, you can do so in the same Bank Account Tab you used in the Management Portal as shown above.


  1. The links below provide a document and video that walks you through setting up your Western Union Account, which will be necessary for you to receive direct payments and notifications when orders are placed in our system.

Western Union Set-up - Document

Western Union Set-up - Video