Much like a cash or other tender payment, no additional fees will be applied to transactions completed with a gift card issued from Square – only the payment total will be deducted from the gift card balance.

One thing to note: when the initial gift card balance is loaded and the remaining balance is paid through a credit card, normal credit card processing rates are applied.

To apply the Square gift card at check out, enter the gift card number in the Gift Card box below the credit card form.

Click Apply gift card (you can use up to 3 gift cards per transaction).  Once gift card(s) are applied, if there is a balance enter your credit card information and proceed with check out.

If your order requires multiple payment methods, you must enter and apply the gift card(s) first, enter and apply 1 at a time.

If you do not use the full amount on your gift card, the balance will remain on your card.

You can also remove the Gift Card(s) by using the Remove Gift Card Button.  This will reset the balance back to original balance.

Additional Support is available at the link below: