SPECIAL NOTE: If you are a Franchise Partner, who also has a Suite Elite Member Account (Salesforce), you will need to Login In with your Suite Elite credentials using the Member Login at the Top Navigation Bar. If this is you, go here.

If you are a Franchise Partner and do not have a Suite Elite "Salesforce" Member Account, please follow the instructions below to Log In Using thee eComNow Sign In Widget.

1) Use the Footer Link, FRANCHISE PARTNER LOGIN. 

2) If you have not logged in before and haven't created an account.  Please contact ecommerce@suite-elite.com for instructions on how to set-up your access to the site. 

  • Use 'Continue with Google' to use your Google email and password to Sign In. (RECOMMENDED)


  • If you have previously logged in and do not want to use 'Continue with Google', click the 'Forgot you Password?' link to reset your password with stronger encryption.

After signing in using the eComNow Widget, you will be redirected to your store. 

(Guest Check out is not permitted on My Suite Store, so please disregard this message.)