Hello Member,

If you notice an item is missing, please be sure you review your tracking numbers thoroughly.  My Suite Store supplies products from Multiple Vendors.  Meaning, some items may ship from different locations and come in a separate box and/ or different time.

You can look at your Your Order has Shipped email(s) and review the tracking numbers beside each item.  If an Item is missing a tracking number in your shipping confirmation email, then that item has not shipped yet and is more then likely coming from a different location.  When that item ships you will receive another email, with a tracking number supplied.

You can Also go into Account Settings and view Order History, where you can see tracking numbers as they become available.  When an Order Status states 'Close' in Order History then all the items in that order have been shipped.  If Status states 'Open' then all items have not been shipped yet.

If you have all the tracking Numbers and an Item is missing or you have any further Questions, please contact us at ecommerce@suite-elite.com.