CBP Admin is an area that provides a suite of useful tools that enable CBP admins to perform many functions on there own without having to submit a ticket or wait for someone with the ECN team to do it for them.

Accessing CBP Admin is very easy.

1) Log into your CBP Back Office using your username and password

2) Once in your CBP Back Office, click on the CBP Admin button on the top tool bar.

NOTE: While you can access CBP Admin on a tablet or a smart phone, the interface is NOT optimized for those devices, so the recommended device that should be used to access CBP Admin is a desktop or laptop computer.

After clicking the CBP Admin button, you'll be taken to a screen similar to this

The left navigation menu lists the functionality that your CBP has access to (functionality may vary from CBP to CBP).

All CBP's have access to Home & Category Images so that you can make changes to the rotating & pod images at any time.