There is a new process, which will allow a CBP to make bulk changes to information such as Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), commission, price, quantity, and active/inactive.  All that is needed is a CSV file that contains the Sku numbers that you need to have changed and the updated information. 

NOTE:  Sku is the only REQUIRED field. All other fields are optional.  This update process will allow the CBP to make bulk changes to one or more Sku's and any of the associated optional fields.  

The Bulk Update tool is very easy to use.  In order to use the Bulk Update tool, go to CBP Admin, and select Bulk Update Products from the left navigation menu. Click on the Choose CSV file button to open a file browser.

After the file browser opens, locate the CSV file on your local computer, and click on Open or Select (depending on your operating system) to upload the file to the Bulk Update Tool.

.After the CSV file has uploaded to the Bulk Update Tool, select the vendor that you want to upload / update products for from the Vendor dropdown menu. Again, the Sku field is REQUIRED. The Updater Tool will then provide dropdown menus where you can match (map) whichever fields in your file contain information that is needed for the update.

For example, if you want to update a handful of products' short descriptions & item costs, then you would create the CSV file (based upon the template file attached to this article), add the products' Sku's, and the updated information for the products.  Upload the file and select the vendor that the products are for (multiple vendors will require multiple files).

Then you are going to need to map the files in your CSV to the database.  As explained, the Sku field is required and is expected to be called Sku.  In your file, the Short Description field might be called "Description", so go to the line where you see "Short Description" in the right column, then select "Description" from the drop down menu in the Left column.  You are telling the database that the information that is in the column labeled "Description" in your column is the information that it needs to use to update the "Short Description" column in the database.  

For the Item Cost updates, do the same... go down to where you see "Item Cost" in the right column, and then select your column name from the list in the drop down.  In this case, your column might just be called "Cost".  So by selecting "Cost" from the drop down list, you are telling the database that the information that it needs to use to update the product Item Cost field is located in your CSV in the "Cost" column.

Repeat that selection process for each column that you want to update.

The Bulk Updater Tool will make it easy for any CBP to make changes to any number of products because the tool allows the ability to change basically every product attribute.  In addition to making changes after the products have been loaded, it could also be used to load a new vendor's products from the very beginning.

NOTE: In order to make it very easy, a template file has been attached to this article.  The template file contains all of the fields that are listed in the Updater Tool, exactly how they are listed in the tool and the database, so all that you need to do is download the template file, insert the information in the appropriate columns, save the file, upload it, and select the exact column name from the left column (drop down menu) as the column that is listed in the right column.