1) The easiest way to access your store's Connect software is to open a browser and go to ecn.yourdomain.com.  So, for example, if your store's web address is www.mystore.com/store/27, then you would open a browser and go to ecn.mystore.com.  If you have access to multiple stores within your CBP, there is a button in the top right corner that will provide you with a drop down for each of the stores that you have access to it.

2) That will take you to the Profile page.

3 ) In the upper left corner of the Profile page, you will see 3 horizontal bars (called a hamburger menu). Click on the hamburger menu, and select the marketing method of your choice. Depending on the type of marketing that you want to do and the number of products that you want to share, you can choose 1) Recommendation (the recommendation app), 2) Message, 3) Product, and 4) My Marketing.

1) Recommendation

The Recommendation app is designed so that you can choose one or more products that you can recommend to your social media followers.  You can also send out product recommendations in a email or a text message.  

After clicking on Recommendation on the menu, you'll see a screen like this

 In the Subject area, this is where you can enter a subject for the recommendation.  Use a subject that will get their attention.  

The next field is for the Product Search. You can type in a keyword to search for, like "sleep", or "vitamins", "weights", or any other keyword that is associated with the product that you want to recommend to a friend or follower.

If you don't have a specific keyword in mind, then you can simply click the little magnifying glass button to the right of the search bar, and a list of all of the products  will be displayed so that you can select which products you want to recommend.

To select a product, click on the checkbox to the right of the product.  You can select as many products as you want,.  Then, after you are happy with your selections, click on the big, blue Recommend button to have your selections added to the Recommendation form.

After your selections have been added to the recommendation form, you'll be returned to the main form.

All that is necessary now is to go to the Message field,  enter a compelling message to ensure that they check out the products that you have recommended, and then click on the big, blue Delivery Method button.

After you click the Delivery Method button, you then be presented with many delivery options from which you can choose social media, email, and text message 

Select whichever social media you want to send your product recommendations to and a new screen will open to that social media, and the recommendations that you just made will appear in your Recommendation History.

2) Message

From the Profile Screen, Click on the 3 horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the top left corner of the screen.  Select Message from the list of options.

After selecting Message, you'll come to this screen where you can enter your subject and your message.

The Message area is simply a place for you to send information to your social media followers to let them know about new products or upcoming products.  You could also use this area to send out notices for birthdays, anniversaries, or some other special occasion.  

As with the Recommendations app after you have entered your subject and message, click on the big, blue Share button to select your social media, email, or text message.

The type of messages that you send really is limited only to your imagination.  Remember that the more that you communicate and engage with your friends and followers, the more likely (and often) they are to visit your store.

3) Product

After you select Product from the hamburger menu (menu in the top left corner),  The product screen allows you to go directly to a list of all products and search for products to recommend.  It is essentially the same as the recommendation app.

As with the Recommendation app, you can search for a product or a list of products based up keywords, or you can scroll through all products and select those products that you want to recommend.  Click the checkbox to the right of the product to add it, and then click on the big, blue Recommend button.

You'll then be taken to the message screen for you to enter a subject and a message to send with the recommendation. Enter your Subject and message and then click the big, blue Delivery Method button where you will select from social media, email, or text message option, and then the recommendation will be added to your Recommendation History (as with the Recommendation app).

4) My Marketing 

After selecting My Marketing from the menu, you'll see this screen.

My Marketing is an app that you can use to attach product images and videos that you can then send out to your social media followers or to others via email and/or text message.

To attach a video or an image, simply click on the little camera button, search for the video or the image that you want to attach, and the select it so that it can be uploaded and attached.  

After the video or image has been attached, click on the SHARE button to open the box to select your social media, email or text options.