1) The first step is to login to the admin portal.  After you have logged into the portal, select the vendor that you wish to load products for from the drop down menu.

2) The next step is to click on the Inventory button, which is located on the top toolbar.

3) After clicking on the Inventory button on the toolbar, You'll see a navigation bar appear along the left-side of the screen.  Click on the Image Manager link.

4) After you click on the Image Manager link in the navigation bar, Click on the Upload Images button to open a window to browse to the file on your machine 

NOTE:  You MUST have the image file that you want uploaded stored locally on your computer.  

5) Click on the Browse button to open the file browser on your computer


6) After the file browser window opens, select the image file that you want to upload and click Select or Open (whichever button your operating system uses ).  Alternatively, you can also just double-click on the file to select it as well.

** You can upload multiple files by clicking on a file, hold down the CTL key, and click on each file that you want to add.

NOTE: The file's size CANNOT exceed 2 MB. The system will not upload a file larger than 2 MB.

7) After you have selected the file(s) that you want to upload, you should see a note to the right side of the Browse button with the name of the file or number of files that were selected for upload.  Click on the Upload button to upload the files to the Image Manager.

8) After you have clicked on the Upload button, there will be a moment or two pause while the system uploads the files to the Image Manager.  Please do not click on anything until the upload confirmation screen appears.  

After the upload confirmation page screen appears, you will have the option to upload more files or to close the screen by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the window.

That is pretty much all that there is to uploading a file to the Image Manager.  After the file is uploaded, if the product was set with the exact name of the image file, then the image will automatically be associated with the product; otherwise, you will need to go to the product and manually associate the image with the product (Click on product, go to Images tab, search for image, and drag image to right side of image window)