There are a number of places/resources that you can use in order to get help with a problem or to find the answer to a question.

Store Help Button

Every store site has a built-in "Help" button that is connected to our system, so the easiest place to look for the answer is to go to the online "Help" button that is located on the home page of your store's site.  We regularly add informational articles on how to do things within our system so that they can be accessed from that "Help" button.  

All that you need to do is click on the "Help" button and enter a "keyword" into the search area.  After you have entered your search term or keyword, just click on the magnifying glass to the right side of the search field or just hit the ENTER key on your keyboard.

Back Office Help Button

After you have logged into your Back Office area, on the top toolbar there is a large button labeled Support.  Click on the Support button and you will see several links appear in the left navigation menu.  

The top link that appears in the list is Help.  If you click on the Help button, you will be directed to

At that website, if you click on the Vendor and the Reseller links, you will find various articles on various topics.

Q & A Link

If you click on the Support button on the toolbar, then click on the Q & A link on the left navigation menu, you'll see the Q & A page appear in the back office.

The Q & A is a document that is available to all CBP's & all Vendors.  IIt is in the format of questions and answers. Generally, the answer includes a link to an article that will provide you with the information that you need to answer you question.

There are also Q & A documents, exactly like the CBP Q & A (except with different questions and answers), for both Vendors and Resellers.

Support Ticket

The last option it to click on the Support Ticket link on the left navigation menu.  You will be taken to the ticketing system where you can enter a support ticket.  Just select new ticket, complete the information, and submit the ticket.  Someone from Customer Support will review the question, or comment, and will rely to you as quickly as possible.

I know that this was mentioned earlier in the article, but it is important to remember that the easiest way to find information is to go to any store and click on the Help button that will be located some place on the screen.  After you click on the Help function, you will see a search field.  Simply enter a keyword to search on, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search field,  and any articles that contain that keyword will be displayed below the search field.  Then click on any article which may interest you.