How to register API User

Login to CBP admin as ‘Admin’  using link

Select ‘Users & Customers’ from Manage Entities







Click on Add User














Fill the form and select “API User” as user type
















On Successful operation CBP Admin will display this message.


How to Reset API User Password using link

Temp@12345’ is default password of newly register ‘API User’ and without password reset ‘API User’ wont be able to perform any operation, so resetting password is mandatory step.

Logout to CPB admin if already logged in and log in with ‘API User’ email id and temporary password mentioned above.



















After clicking on Sign In, system will bring up reset password screen, please reset password
















after you client on Send system will redirect to this screen, if you see this screen it mean your password is resetted and your api user is ready use for ecom-api.



How to Authorize API User on Swagger

Navigate to swagger page and expend “Auth API” section, click on “Try it out”, provide your api user credentials and hit execute

In case of successful workflow you will an auth token

Copy the access token and client “Authorize” button top right, Insert your access token and click on Authorize, now click on close.

You are ready to use ecom-apis. Cheer :)