Note: If you are trying to Sign for the first time use a temporary password to set your new password. After the password is set, you will be able to perform the forgotten password function too.

Sign In:

Username/Email: Enter the email or password associated with your account.

Single Sign On: Use 'Continue with Google' to use your Google email and password to sign in. (recommended) or any of the other major single sign-on interfaces (Apple / Facebook / Salesforce).

Sign in with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):

Go to the Sign In page of the platform.

Enter your username or email address and your password in the designated fields or continue with Google etc.

After entering, you will automatically go to another confirmation screen.

You receive a verification code via text message to your set up mobile number.

Enter the code in the field provided and click sign in.

Congratulations! You have successfully signed in.


You have the option to resend the verification code.

Forgot Password:

If you have previously logged in and do not want to  use 'Continue with Google', click the 'Forgot you Password?' link to reset your password with stronger encryption.

Clicking Forgot Password will take you to the Forgot Password screen, after entering your username click Reset Password.

Sample email sent is from - please check your spam , junk, promotional folders if you have not received directly in your inbox.

You will receive an email with the code, which will be entered in the screen presented to you after clicking the reset my password.

Enter the code from the email in the code box, enter the new password then enter new password again, click Reset My Password. 

Password Reset Successfully.